Day 4 (In Blog Days)

My Fourth Blog Post:

This one should be something special. As we all know, I provide some of the highest quality images around. Today is no exception.

First, I want to talk a little about what it takes to take such high quality photos, after all, I want to make the internet a better place.


The first step, and arguably the most important, is to choose the right tool for the job. I can’t stress this enough, the tool you use is the backbone behind the photograph. Nothing ruins an image, especially a wallpaper, like poor resolution or quality.

Second Step: Choose the right scene

The best camera in the world can take a picture of turd, and it would be nothing to brag about. Having a high quality camera to take images with is complimented with magnificent scenery.

Tips on how to choose a scene worth photographing…

Once the scene has been established, think about different angles and how they can benefit the image or scene you’re trying to capture. After all, this is about capturing what you see and sharing it with the world.

Oh watch out, it’s the third step:

If you’ve managed to capture an image that you’re proud to call your own, make sure you save it and save it again. I know this sounds so simple but I’d hate to lose an image because I failed to save it.

Final Step: Share your image, get feedback, repeat.

It’s important to take constructive feedback on your work, listen carefully where people leave comments. You can benefit and grow from everyone’s opinion, but don’t listen to the bad ones 😉 kidding.

I hope you find this beneficial and if not, at least entertaining.

Last but not least.


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