Day 2 of blogging, gonna drop another pic in the box

Today I want to share a new picture that I’ve been thinking a lot about.Snow Bird

This picture was taken right before the blizzard of 2016.

I was out on my back deck with my camera when I noticed this little guy show up.

I instantly noticed him when he landed on the deck railing.

I thought “oh wow, how perfect” and I took a few pictures of him. This was by far the best shot.

It wasn’t until after I took this picture and viewed it on my laptop that it struck me, I have no idea if this bird made it through the storm. I know they are resilient fellas but still, two plus feet of snow with winds of 30+ are quite devastating (thanks for the stats) to such small creatures.

If he’s still out there flying around today, I would ask him one thing,

“Where the hell did you go during that storm”

I know that is impossible and most people would think i’m crazy for sharing that but I will wonder about it until the day I expire.

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